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West Hills Chiropractic Treatment for Automobile Accident Injuries

In less than a second our lives can be drastically changed, sometimes forever. If you have the misfortune of being involved in an automobile accident, or other serious injury, prompt treatment is very important. Almost immediately after the incident your body will begin to repair itself as best as it can. If there have been injuries to the ligaments, tendons and or muscles of the spine, or any other joints, those joints are more than likely subluxated. A luxation is a dislocation of the joint and is a medical (crisis intervention) problem. A subluxation is a misalignment of the joint but is less severe than a dislocation and is a chiropractic problem. The fibrous (scar) tissue the body lays down after an injury is designed to hold things in place, even is that “place” is out of place, or subluxated.

Automobile accident injury chiropractors

The sooner after the accident one begins chiropractic treatment the less likely it is that the individual will have significant residual problems resulting from that trauma. By adjusting the spine as soon as possible after the trauma the better the likelihood the scar tissue will have of holding the injured joints in their proper alignment.

Obviously, if the trauma is of such a nature that medical management is indicated I will be the first to recommend that the patient seek proper treatment for that injury. I will accept a lien from you personal injury attorney.

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