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West Hills Chiropractic Adjustment for Solving Back Pain

Why and how I adjust my patients is, to me, the essence of the art and science of chiropractic.
The art of adjusting the spine, or other joints of the body, is, like all arts, an acquired skill. It comes from years of study, practice and learning. In my 33 plus years as a chiropractor I have learned that everyone does have a spine—none of those spines is alike, similar yes, but not alike. With that in mind it is not possible to tell you how I will adjust your spine. Once I have determined which are your primary subluxations I will decide which adjusting technique or techniques is most suited to your condition.

To determine your subluxations I take a health history, perform a physical exam and if necessary order X-rays.

Chiropractic Adjustment

The adjusting techniques I employ primarily include: diversified (the traditional adjustment); an activator type device—very mild and non-force; sacral blocks, again very mild and non-force; and a cervical drop device, again non-force.

I will always explain what I believe is causing your condition, what I propose to do to help your body correct the problem, and what you can expect from the adjustment.

If it is indicated I will recommend nutritional and or herbal supplements to augment your recovery.

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