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The only true medicine that your body can use to repair and heal itself is wholesome food. Drugs force a change in your physiology but do not give your body the basic ingredients it needs to truly heal itself. This can be demonstrated by the adage “Today’s medical solution becomes tomorrow’s medical problem.”

When I was a lad, I was raised in Wyoming, the region where we lived experienced a very harsh winter; by Southern California standards all winters in Wyoming are harsh, but this was an exceptionally harsh storm. Because of the depth of the snow and the very cold temperatures the wild life, deer and elk mainly, were driven down from the mountains into the pastures of the ranchers. Foraging was still very difficult and many of the deer and elk were starving to death.

Some of the ranchers decided to put out alfalfa pellets to feed the wildlife, but they continued to die…The Fish and Game performed autopsies and discovered that the deer and elk were starving to death with full stomachs; they did not have the enzymes to properly digest the alfalfa.

We, humans, are not totally dissimilar from wild life. Many of us are experiencing malnutrition because of the diets we eat.

For the individual who is seriously concerned about their nutritional health I have many tools to assist us in determining your weaknesses, strengths and needs.

I do use nutritional supplementation when indicated. The companies I prefer to use are Standard Process and Mediherb. These two companies are among the very few I have found that meet the high standards I have set for my patients. You can look them up on line to learn more about their philosophies and products.

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