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Dr. Richardson has been in chiropractic practice in the West San Fernando Valley for over 33 years. He believes there are four things you should expect from your chiropractor, they are: Expertise, Integrity, Honesty, and Results.

He became a chiropractor because a member of his family was experiencing migraine headaches; she sought traditional treatment and was prescribed medications for the migraines. The drugs worked, the headaches did subside but she was so “doped up” that she could not get out of bed. Another family member recommended that she see her chiropractor. After about four treatments the migraines were resolved and never returned.
Based on this experience Dr. Richardson researched the chiropractic profession and decided this was something he could do; and he has, for a long time now.


Dr. Richardson is married to a wonderful lady and together they have six children and lots of grandchildren—the number seems to be growing every time he turns around! Before he started his educational path to his D.C. degree Dr. Richardson spent four years in the U.S. Navy and two years on a mission for his church. Dr Richardson is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles; he graduated in December of 1983.