No health care practitioner, chiropractor, doctor, nurse, etc., ever “cured” anyone. The best a good health care provider can do for you is to facilitate your body’s innate ability to maintain and heal itself; let me explain.

No doctor, of any type, was there to direct the union of the sperm and ovum that became you. Nor was there any practitioner there to direct the division of cells and the maturation that resulted in the formation of the nervous, skeletal, digestive, respiratory or any other system or organ in your body. It was what I call “innate intelligence”; that life force that autonomously (without your conscious influence) directs and controls every function of your body. That same innate intelligence that directed your development from two disparate cells into the complex, vital, conscious being you also are directs your physical existence from moment to moment.

Innate intelligence—your life’s force, has numerous means to communicate with your body, but they are all controlled by your nervous system. Your nervous system was the first system to differentiate and develop in your journey from embryo to fully developed human being, capable of existing on it’s own in the hostile environment we call life. Your nervous system is vital to your life, your physical, and emotional, well being; your health.

I could go on, but you are not reading this to learn detailed information about your nervous system—you are here to learn what a chiropractor, particularly Dr. Justin Richardson, can do to help you feel better.

Recall that the force that controls every function of your body is innate intelligence and it uses the nervous system to communicate with every cell in your body. Problems arise when that communication is altered. An example everyone is familiar with is a condition called sciatica, or nerve pain down the leg. Other examples are headaches, including migraine headaches, dizziness, back pain etc. I could generate a list of symptoms that would go on and on.

Suffice it to say that many of the problems that people face are the result of some interference with the nervous communication to and from the cells of your body. How does that interference happen, you might ask? Well, let me explain.

Actually there are many and varied ways interferences occur. I will address those I as a chiropractor can help you with. (My high school English teacher would cuff me for that last sentence; never end a sentence with a preposition…) The spinal “subluxation” is the cause of much (and may I say, unnecessary) suffering in humankind. A “luxation” is a dislocation, as in the dislocation of a shoulder joint. A sub-luxation is the misalignment of the bones of a joint but less than a dislocation. The consequences of a subluxation can vary depending on the area that is subluxated, the severity of the subluxation and the chronicity of the subluxation. The physiological effects of the subluxation also vary; these can include excitement of the nerve fibers resulting in aberrant stimulation of the cells enervated by the nerve. The effects can also include diminishing of the nerve energy to and from the cell or organ. So, to put it simply a subluxation can result in pain, or increased and or decreased function of the involved tissues.

How do I treat it? By adjusting the subluxated bones. For more information of how that is accomplished click over to the banner titled “adjusting techniques”.