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What to expect on your first visit:

Expect to spend approximately 45 minutes, if you download the intake forms and complete them before our first visit it will take about 30 minutes.

We will have a thorough discussion (consultation) about your condition.I will perform a physical exam relative to the condition(s) you are presenting with.

If they are indicated I will order X-rays from an X-ray facility near your home.If X-rays are indicated we will not initiate treatment until they have been taken and I have had a chance to review them and the radiologists report. If X-rays are not indicated we will proceed to your first treatment.

Your first treatment:

Based on your health, physical condition, age, comfort zone and pain level I will adjust you with the method that I believe will result in the greatest benefit to you with the least amount of discomfort.Your treatment may be preceded by a mild roller table.

Each subsequent visit:

I will not arbitrarily recommend a treatment schedule for you; treatment will be based on the severity of your condition and your response to prior treatments.We will discuss all of my recommendations to your full understanding.